About Hannah Campbell

Hannah Campbell is the prospective Conservative MP for Telford.

Meet Hannah Campbell, a dynamic Conservative activist ready to represent Telford with a vision shaped by her early engagement in activism and dedication to community service. Inspired by volunteering with teens, Hannah is committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all, transcending mere slogans to embody conservatism in action.

For the past decade, Hannah's impact has been evident in the creation of thousands of job opportunities through apprenticeships. Beyond employment, she envisions Telford as a vibrant community with excellent amenities. Committed to continued investment and wise use of funds, she’ll fight for Telford's share of HS2 funding and protect local NHS services.

As a District Councillor for eight years, Hannah safeguards homeownership principles, preventing green belt encroachment and holding management companies accountable. From a family of small business owners, she passionately advocates for economic thriving in Telford, recognising the untapped potential post-Brexit.

In her thirties, Hannah brings fresh perspectives and 15 years of political campaigning experience, vowing to be a relentless advocate for Telford. Her promise is clear: to champion the town, create opportunities, and become the next Conservative MP Telford deserves.