Our Plan for Telford

Keeping us safe on our streets and in our homes

More police on the beat to stop shoplifting, anti-social behaviour and drug dealing in our communities. Giving our police the tools and expertise to stop cybercrime and scammers from targeting the most vulnerable in society.


Improving our local public transport through better bus services and electrifying the railway line

The Government has continued to cap single bus fares at £2, to help residents get about. Hannah’s now working with bus companies to protect our local bus routes, and campaigning to electrify the line to Birmingham.


Holding the police and local council to account for historic child sexual exploitation crimes

Over 1,000 children in Telford were sexually exploited. This could have been prevented. So Hannah is working with our Police bosses to ensure the 47 recommendations from the independent inquiry are actioned.


Continuing to create better-paid, higher-skilled jobs through vocational training and apprenticeships

The Government has helped deliver over 13,000 apprenticeships here in Telford. But there is more to do. So, Hannah will work with local education centres and employers to help create more local job opportunities.


Safeguarding the Greenbelt and preventing over-development

Hannah is campaigning with residents to safeguard our local greenbelt. And to stop developers from failing to deliver the local services and infrastructure, new developments need. Like access to GPs and secondary schools.


Championing vital local NHS services

Hannah is working with the Government to deliver the planned upgrades to our local hospitals. Including stopping ambulance queues, improving access to A&E, and reducing waiting times. Delivering better healthcare locally.